5 signs youre in a long term relationship

We see a lot in films and on TV about people falling head over heels in love. But what about ten years down the line? I’ve laid out my five signs that things have gone a little…long term.

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Three steps for a stress-free road trip

Ah, summer! That can only mean one thing. No, not rain – long car journeys. All those days out, holidays and trips to see friends. Assuming you already know where you’re going, here are my top tips for arriving cool as a cucumber and ready for the summer fun-times ahead.

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Fun ways to learn a language

When I learnt Spanish at school, technology didn’t play much of a part. Doing listening exercises from CDs and visiting the BBC Bitesize website was as technological as it got.

Fast forward a fair few years and I’m picking up my Spanish again, but this time there are so many creative ways to practise. Here are some of my favourites.

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