The Kent staycation photo diary

Who doesn’t love a holiday?

It’s something we usually associate with jetting off to hot places, but a holiday in the UK can be just as good.

In August we spent a week on the Kent coast in Broadstairs. Here’s what we got up to!

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The Italianate glasshouse: Ramsgate’s secret garden

Have you ever stumbled upon a place you felt was just for you?

I’ve been walking through the King George VI Park in Ramsgate for years, on our summer trips.

But I never knew that just over the way, through a thicket of trees, was an Italianate glasshouse and the sweetest tea garden you ever did see.

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Liverpool photo diary

We had a fantastic time in Liverpool last weekend. Here are a few photos and some ideas for things to do if you’re visiting the city.

The waterfront and Albert Dock

We spent most of our time here, mostly because the weather was so good.

People were out enjoying themselves and it made for a nice atmosphere. There are great views and loads to do, with most of Liverpool’s museums based here.

Albert Dock was once a busy working dock, but now it’s a great place to shop, enjoy a drink and enjoy beautiful views.

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4 places I don’t want to visit 

Most of us have some serious wanderlust. That ever growing list of places we want to visit, and a pang of envy every time we see a beautiful photo of someone in an amazing place. 

So I thought it might be fun to think about the places we DON’T want to visit. Of course, lots of people love these places and I’m not saying they’re not amazing destinations – they’re just not for me.

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Fun ways to learn a language

When I learnt Spanish at school, technology didn’t play much of a part. Doing listening exercises from CDs and visiting the BBC Bitesize website was as technological as it got.

Fast forward a fair few years and I’m picking up my Spanish again, but this time there are so many creative ways to practise. Here are some of my favourites.

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