Lindos travel guide – part 1

We’ve just got back from the most wonderful week in Lindos, so I thought I would share what we got up to as well as some travel inspo if you’re looking for your next holiday.

Lindos is a village on the east coast of Rhodes. It’s all about pretty white houses, endless sun and fried feta (just me?).

The ‘brochure shot’ is its clifftop acropolis towering over Lindos bay. What a beauty.

I’ve got lots to say so I’m going to split this into more than one post. First up, Lindos itself – the village, the acropolis and our hotel.

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72 hours in Madrid

Madrid can feel a little overwhelming at times – particularly if, like most people, you’re only there for a few days. But it’s a laid-back place where you can experience a little bit of everything a Spanish city has to offer. Here are my picks of the best ways to experience Madrid like a true Madrileño.

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Eating out in Valencia

Eating in Valencia is a delight, and you can get a decent meal for two with a drink for 40 euros. Of course you can spend a lot more too, but the cheap price of wine really helps to keep the cost down.

Unlike lots of places I’ve visited where you’ve really needed a guide book to find good food, there are decent looking restaurants down almost every side street. Here are some places we enjoyed.


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Five favourites

This was supposed to be five favourites from August, but since we’re halfway through September now (how?!), let’s just call it five favourites. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying…

Learning Spanish

I’ve been meaning to do a full post on this, but I’ve been loving getting back into Spanish. I studied it at school and now I’m having lessons again. A great excuse for lots of holidays, right? And a great excuse to post pictures of gorgeous blue skies and beautiful clear seas, like this one from our holiday to Mallorca a couple of years ago.

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Copenhagen: a design for life

As soon as you walk out on to the hardwood floors of Copenhagen Airport, you know you’re in a city which takes aesthetics very seriously. Design is a way of life for the Danes and is central to Copenhagen’s appeal.

You’ll find a chic cafe on every corner, everything stylish from the minimalist interiors to the neutral clothes of the clientele. It’s a city without superfluous details, where your mug comes without a handle and your sandwich without a top.

A new generation of Danes are reinventing their cuisine, led by the so-called world’s best restaurant, Noma. If your budget is more modest, you can still eat with the locals. Try the coffee at Emmerys and award-winning modern smørrebrød at Aamanns.


A modern take on the traditional smørrebrød at Aamanns

Copenhagen has something for everyone when it comes to sites. There’s a royal palace almost at the end of every street – pack a pair of trainers and you can see them all on foot in a weekend. Culture vultures can indulge in everything from opera to Nordic noir tours (or just power walk around Christiansborg for a bit pretending you’re Birgitte Nyborg).


Make like Birgitte at Christiansborg

As in most European capitals you’ll pay over the odds for everything from your coffee to your hotel room – and the fact you get nearly ten kroner to a pound makes those prices look even more eye watering than they are. But you might find a few days living like the world’s happiest people isn’t a bad investment.